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Our divorce attorneys will take the time to listen to all of your concerns, understand your needs and answer all of your questions, such as:...

Child Custody and Visitation

In any situation where child custody is at issue, a number of key questions are raised. If you're going through a divorce, you'll want to kn...

Child Support

Child support is a monthly payment that parents make to help cover the costs of raising a child. Generally, the parent who cares for a child...

Restraining Orders

When you need the court to order someone to stay away from you, you do so by applying for a restraining order. There are three main types of...

Spousal Support

While divorce may end a marriage, it doesn't necessarily end obligations of one spouse to another. In many relationships, one spouse is more...

What We Do

Going through a divorce can be stressful both financially and emotionally. We are here toguide you through this process, provide you with an understanding of the legal issues, steps and the procedures at court.

We handled many divorce, domestic violence, child custody and child support cases withcompetence, compassion, and personalized attention. We represented clients in Los Angeles County Superior Court on many occasions, including in trials.

Hiring an attorney early in the process often prevents the mistakes that occur when parties try to divorce represent themselves before the court.

California is a no-fault divorce state. This means that either party may file for divorce simply due to irreconcilable differences. Property settlements are not affected by the behavior of either spouse – although child custody and visitation may be. Despite the emotions often involved in divorce, it is in the best interests of both spouses to work out an agreement and avoid divorce litigation. Settlement affords more control than going to court, where the final decision lies with a judge. It can also allow a couple to resolve theircase quicker and more affordable. If an agreement cannot be reached, however, we vigorously defend our clients’ interests in court to ensure a fair divorce settlement.

California is a community property state, meaning all assets acquired during the marriage – including increased value of assets brought to the marriage – are part of the “marital pot.”Spousal support may be granted when one partner’s income exceeds the other, especially if the party receiving support has less education or a lower earning capacity. The amount of spousal support depends on many factors, including the incomelevels of both parties, custody arrangement, housing situations and more. The duration of spousal support depends upon the length of the marriage and other factors. If the marriage has lasted more than 10 years, support might be granted indefinitely until the death or remarriage of the receiving spouse.

We will discuss all your legal options in divorce,child custody and visitations, child and spousal support, and domestic violence cases.Call us to get a clear picture of your situation and start moving towards your goals. We will empower you to make the best possible decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

We will help you resolve issues in:

– Divorce – We handle or types of divorces, including contested, uncontested and high net worth divorces, including community property division of assets and debts, child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support or alimony.

– Post Judgment Cases – We can also modify your existing child custody, visitation or child support order after your divorce was finalized.

– Domestic violence and paternity cases, including cases to establish your rights for childcustody, support and visitation when you have child or children born outside of the marriage.

We offer free initial consultation by phone.

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  • MIkael Scarpelli

I hired Mr. Grigoryan just a week before my trial for divorce and child custody case. Hayk is very detail-oriented and quickly got a good grasp of the case and issues that we had in this case. He was able to explain all the procedures to me and prepared me for the trial just within 3 days. He was able to secure equal division of the property and primary physical custody for me as a stay home dad, along with child and spousal support. Highly recommend his services for any divorce, child custody and spousal/child support case. The best divorce attorney I ever met. Very punctual and honest. I wish everyone would do job as Hayk did for me.

  • Marine

Attorney Grigoryan represented me in divorce-child custody matter in Sacramento Court. I hired him at the time when my ex has already won one court hearing and got custody rights. Mr. Grigoryan was able to secure 90% of physical legal custody for me, plus child support and attorney fees. I highly recommend his services, which are also affordable.

  • Greone

Hayk was so understanding and knowledgeable about what I talked about and asked. He’s so warm and personable - I enjoyed working with him. I felt I had a highly capable professional as well as good friend in my corner. His billing was straight forward and reasonable. I highly recommend his family law services to everyone who is going through that hard times in their lives and need a great family attorney’s advice and help.

  • Gabriela

I was looking for a divorce attorney to help me to get my divorce and child support issues resolved. I was referred to Mr. Grigoryan, whose paralegal also speaks Spanish. It was very helpful because my witnesses did not speak English well. I am very satisfied with their work and thankful for passionate work they did on my case. I almost got everything that I wanted. Most importantly my life is back on truck with my kids. Hayk’s personality plays huge role in settlement negotiations and litigation matters, especially while dealing with opponent attorneys on the other side. He is definitely one of the best child custody lawyers in California.

  • Ann

Divorce attorneys are a dime a dozen in los Angeles, so i was looking for a reliable local divorce attorney and i was referred to child custody lawyer Hayk Grigoryan to handle my 11 year old custody case in Los Angeles Superior Court. At the outset he explained the process in details and answered all my questions. He also advised me what documents i would need to provide to have a stronger case. He also prepared me for the up coming hearing so i was not in much stress and i was able to concentrate in my answer and my case, which eventually resulted to being able to keep the current visitation schedule and defend against ex-husband’s allegations against me. Im thankful for Mr. Grigoryan forms help and recommend his service for all single moms. If you are ever in any trouble Hyak should be your first choice.


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